Good dental hygiene is paramount to a long and healthy life, but we so often see patients whose oral health regime stops at simply brushing their teeth. To keep your natural teeth for as long as possible, incorporate these simple tips into your everyday dental routine.

Don’t neglect to floss

A few years ago, several media sources published claims that “there’s little proof that flossing works.” At the time, the reports stated that there isn’t any scientific research to suggest that flossing prevents cavities and the onset of gum disease. However, research published in the Journal of Dental Hygiene has concluded that flossing reduces gingivitis (the onset of gum disease) when used in combination with brushing teeth. You can find information about the most effective flossing techniques on the NHS website.

Here at Lander, we can also show you how best to floss your teeth and the type of floss to use. This will vary depending on your unique tooth structure, as everyone is different.

Don’t brush too hard

Gum erosion is associated with periodontal disease, but brushing too aggressively can also lead to receding gums. As well as causing sensitive teeth, brushing too hard can wear down your tooth enamel – the protective coating that covers your teeth – and expose your tooth roots. This increases the likelihood you will need treatments such as tooth extraction, root canals and fillings. The Wall Street Journal estimates that around 10-20% of people have damaged their teeth because of over brushing.

Make mouthwash part of your everyday routine  

Mouthwash is a great investment into preventing a number of oral health problems before they manifest themselves. Much of dentistry and dental hygiene is in fact, using preventative methods to avoid irrevocable problems later on down the line. Therapeutic mouthwash can contribute preventing gingivitis and gum disease by killing bacteria that causes infections and washing away food debris and loose plaque. If you choose a mouthwash that contains fluoride you’ll also reduce the chances of cavities forming and strengthen your enamel.

If you’re unsure where to start when it comes to choosing a mouthwash, speak to the hygienist here at Lander, who will be very happy to talk this through with you. You can also find information about various different mouthwashes here.


Make sure you stay on top of your yearly and bi-annual appointments, to ensure your oral hygiene routine is on track. If you would like to book yourself in for a routine appointment with us here at Lander, please don’t hesitate to contact us.