Dental anxiety and phobia is a huge obstacle for many people in the UK, with 12% suffering from extreme dental nerves. Here at Lander, we believe that everyone should feel safe and in good hands when they visit the dentist, whether this is for a routine check-up or for a particular treatment or procedure. We take dental nerves very seriously here at our Truro dental practice, which is why when you choose us, you’ll be listened to, looked after and made to feel at home.


Your first appointment with us

If you’re a new patient at the practice, you’ll be welcomed by our new patient coordinator Monique, who will give you a warm welcome and ask you to fill out a questionnaire about your general dental health. We’ll also ask you what you do and don’t like about your smile, so we can establish how best to help you address any issues you have with your smile. Our philosophy is that the dentist is a place patients can feel safe and comfortable – our practice is in a Grade II listed building with loads of character, with comfy waiting room chairs and a pleasant ambience – because we know how that first impressions are everything. Gone are the days of clinical dental practices!

Technology to help combat dental anxiety

For patients who have had a negative experience with the dentist in the past, state-of-the-art technology can totally re-define how they view the dentist post-treatment. Here at Lander, we have the Wand™, a substitute for a traditional syringe used to administer local anaesthetic. Resembling a pen rather than a syringe, the Wand™, administers the anaesthetic slowly and at low pressure, so you won’t even realise you’ve had an injection. This type of equipment helps patients to relax and make new associations with the dentist, giving them a more positive view for the future.

Our soft tissue diode laser is great for when cutting into a gum is required, but is far less invasive than the scalpel used in most practices across the UK. You can read more about it here.

You’re in good hands with our supportive team

Sometimes, helping to curb dental nerves simply involves sitting down and talking through the root of your anxieties – we will always be here to listen. Part of the role of our dentists, dental nurses and hygienists is to understand your concerns and expectations of treatment, so we can create a tailored treatment plan for your unique needs.


To book an appointment with us here at Lander, please contact our friendly reception team, who will be happy to book you in at a time that suits you.