Losing a tooth can impact on many different aspects of your life, including some which you may not even have considered. As well as causing a loss of confidence and functional issues, complications such as jawbone loss and heart problems are often overlooked. Below, we discuss how dental implants can tackle the health issues associated with a missing tooth.

Dental implants are welcomed by your body

Dental implants are the only restoration and answer to a missing tooth that your body will actually welcome for life. The rate at which dental implants fail is around 5% and this can be down to a multitude of reasons; in most cases, they are a viable and effective way of replacing a missing tooth permanently.

The implants are introduced to the body via a process called osseointegration, whereby the jawbone believes the implant to be a real tooth and therefore the surrounding tissues start to grow around it. When you have a missing tooth that is left untreated, the jawbone no longer receives the support it needs from your teeth, which stimulate and sustain the jawbone when you chew and talk.

How do implants protect your jawbone?

As mentioned, when you lose a tooth, the jawbone is no longer receiving an optimal level of support. This causes a process called resorption to occur, whereby the jawbone shrinks because of the lack of use, as there is no tooth for it to support. Unlike dentures, which are a removable solution and do not trigger the jawbone’s tissues to start growing again, dental implants can prompt this growth and stop your facial features from collapsing as a result of jawbone loss.

Our expert team

Here at Lander, both Mark Pimble and Nick Coley, owner and partner respectively, possess advanced knowledge of dental implants.  Both Mark and Nick are constantly building on their expertise of implantology, attending courses and training that can be put to life-changing use where their patients are concerned.

If you would like more information about implants treatment at Lander, give us a call or pop into our Truro dental practice and speak to our friendly reception team.