Dermal fillers and Botox are prescription-only treatments that should only ever be performed by a dentist or doctor with the appropriate medical training. However, there is still the problem of medically unqualified individuals offering these type of treatments up and down the country. Here at Lander, we have a medical approach to non-surgical facial aesthetics, so patients can feel safe, secure, and confident about their experience with us.

What are the risks of having treatment performed by an unqualified individual?

Just because Botox and filler treatments are classed as ‘non-surgical’ doesn’t mean they can be carried out by someone with non-medical training. These are injectable treatments and a comprehensive anatomical knowledge is needed in order for them to be safe. A director at Save Face estimates that 90% of patients aren’t aware that these treatments are prescription-only, suggesting there needs to be more education where this is concerned.

Our approach to facial aesthetics

Here at Lander we believe in a tailored approach to treatment. We’ll invite you to an initial consultation where you can talk through your expectations of treatment with us. We’ll take your facial features like eye colour, hair colour, and skin health into account to deliver a unique treatment suited to you. We believe in a ‘less is more’ approach to non-surgical aesthetics and there has certainly been a shift towards embracing a more natural look where treatment is concerned. We can deliver discreet results that accentuate your natural features rather than alter them, which is often a risk associated with surgical treatment methods.

Botox and fillers and dental treatment

An increasing amount of dental practices are offering aesthetics treatments and it’s no surprise why, with filler and Botox treatment making up 90% of the non-surgical market. Smile aesthetics are about more than just your smile and cosmetic dentistry and facial aesthetics treatments can complement one another to give a younger and healthier-looking overall aesthetic.

Here at Lander, our aesthetics practitioners are fully qualified to carry out treatment safely. Charlotte Buscombe is a fully qualified doctor here at Lander and has a special interest in facial aesthetics. Her gentle yet confident approach ensures patients feel at ease and in safe and competent hands.

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