Your teeth are amazing. They’re the strongest element in your body – stronger than bone, in fact – but they don’t have the ability to repair themselves, which is why looking after them is so important. Once your teeth reach a certain level of neglect or damage, extraction might be necessary. To avoid this, take a read of the information below.  

Your home routine isn’t enough

Whilst your home routine of brushing and flossing provides a solid foundation for a healthy smile, it’s not enough. There are a myriad of problems that can occur with no symptoms and that you can’t necessarily detect at home. For example, signs of gum disease can often go overlooked – your gums won’t necessarily feel inflamed as a result of plaque and tartar buildup and signs that a tooth is infected can in some cases, only manifest once extraction becomes the only course of action. Attending regular dental visits ensures problems get flagged up before they become serious and require more complex and costly intervention down the line. You should view routine dental and dental hygiene appointments as a long-term investment into protecting your natural teeth for as long as possible.

How often should I visit?

Every patient’s needs are different, with some people being more susceptible to tooth-related problems and others to complications with their gums. We will address your particular needs during your New Patient Consultation and create a tailored treatment plan from there. Some patients may require one dental appointment and two hygienist appointments each year, whilst others may need 2 dental appointments and 1 hygienist appointments. We will review your plan at each appointment you attend.

Lander Club Membership

Here at Lander, our Club Membership scheme allows patients to select a membership package that adheres to their particular needs and your dentist can advise on which is the right one for you. From just £14.49 per month for adults, it’s a fantastic way to access the highest quality dental care from an experienced team here in Cornwall.

If you would like more information about the treatments available here at Lander, or you would like to book in for your routine appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact us.