More and more adults are seeking orthodontic treatment as brace options are more aesthetic and less invasive than ever. One such example is Invisalign clear aligners, a removable treatment that has treated over 6 million patients worldwide.

Limited changes to your day-to-day life

Invisalign is a far less invasive brace type than most and its removable characteristic has many benefits. One such benefit is that you can carry on enjoying the foods you love and with more and more of us embracing diets such as keto, vegan, vegetarian and raw food, a treatment that limits diet might sound unappealing. With Invisalign, patients can remove their aligners to eat the foods they enjoy with no restrictions.

Being able to remove the aligners also makes it easier to maintain healthy teeth throughout the treatment period. Fixed braces can make brushing and flossing challenging, as certain foods become stuck in the hardware of your brace. The Invisalign system gives patients a 2-hour window each day in which to eat and care for their teeth.

Cosmetically appealing  

Invisalign clear aligners are transparent and because they are removable, they do not incorporate any traditional brace hardware (such as archwires and brackets). Their design (pictured below) means they go virtually unnoticed by others and as they are custom made, each groove and curve fits perfectly over each individual tooth.

ITero scanner at Lander – no more impressions!

Invisalign incorporates the iTero scanner, which takes digital images of your teeth that are then sent off to Invisalign so your aligners can be created. One of the major benefits for patients is that these can be taken with a simple painless and non-invasive scan of the teeth, a significant improvement over traditional alginate impressions. Lander is one of the only practices in the county to have this state-of-the-art technology. Anyone who has had alginate impressions will know how much of a hassle they can be; digital impressions offer a much more comfortable experience because there is no need for any gloopy impression material that can induce a gag reflex. The whole process is quicker, easier, and more reliable, which means less time in the orthodontist’s chair for you.

 Watch Mark Pimble, owner of Lander, talk about Invisalign here.

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