Teeth whitening, like the first examples of orthodontic appliances, began with the ancient Egyptians around 4000 years ago.

They fashioned a whitening paste made from ground pumice stone mixed with wine vinegar, which marked a sign of wealth and beauty. Ancient Romans on the other hand, used a rather different approach, making use of ammonia in urine as a bleaching agent! The effects of fluoride were discovered in the early 1800s when dentists found that patients exposed to fluoride when eating and drinking tended to have cavity-free teeth, though it was also noted that too much fluoride led to stained teeth – everything in moderation!

What are the benefits of professional teeth whitening?

Treatment with you in mind – Professional teeth whitening uses custom whitening trays, made to fit your exact tooth structure. We will take digital impressions of your teeth to give a perfectly even shade all over. By contrast, one-size-fits-all trays can result in uneven whitening and put you at risk of the whitening agent leaking over onto your gums, potentially causing irrevocable damage.

Choose your shade – During your consultation you can discuss your expectations of treatment where tooth shade is concerned. Your dentist will take aspects such as hair, eye, and skin colour into account when advising on a shade for your teeth in order to give the most natural result.

Safe – The maximum legal strength of peroxide useable by a registered dentist is 6%. There are many people carrying out teeth whitening illegally in the UK using peroxide levels of up to 25%, putting patients in potential danger. The GDC (General Dental Council) has reported seeing a rise in illegal teeth whitening treatments in the UK over the last few years. With this in mind, make sure you are seeking treatment from a medical professional when getting your teeth whitened.

A new start for your smile – Before we proceed with whitening your teeth, we will perform a scale and polish, removing any plaque and tartar and minimising your risk of gum disease. Teeth whitening is an opportunity to reverse discolouration and feel confident about your smile. It gives you a chance to practice better brushing and flossing habits in the future with more confidence and better self-esteem.

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