Teeth whitening is a great opportunity to make your teeth sparkle and “reset” the look and health of your smile. What better time of year than Christmas to address discolouration? With all the parties, family gatherings and work meals, we all love to look and feel great during the festive period. Show off an amazing smile with Lander’s teeth whitening treatment offer.

Perhaps you’ve had in-practice teeth whitening before and want to benefit from treatment again, you’ve previously tried over-the-counter trays and been disappointed or it’s a first-time experience for you. If either of the latter two reasons apply, you can expect a tailored experience here at our Truro practice. We’ll look at your dental history and health and expectations of treatment, incorporating these aspects into your individual treatment plan. No two patients are the same and here at Lander, our philosophy is to treat the individual.

Why teeth whitening?

As mentioned above, teeth whitening treatment at Lander is a custom treatment, achieved by using purpose-built whitening trays suited to your exact tooth structure. Made-to-measure trays are paramount to carrying out treatment safely and any establishment using one-size-fits-all models carries a risk of the whitening agent coming into contact with your gums. We will have a conversation with you before treatment to establish the degree of whitening you wish to have, though our ethic is to place emphasis on delivering a naturally beautiful result that compliments your wider features.

Our approach to your smile

Our team are compassionate, friendly and understand that a person’s smile means a lot to them. Discoloured teeth can leave you lacking in confidence and speaking to a dentist about how you feel about your smile can be a very personal matter. When you visit us at Lander, we’ll explore your emotional relationship with your teeth in addition to addressing tangible issues.

Amazing value teeth whitening treatment at Lander

We are offering Teeth Whitening for £150 (normally £320) until 23rd December 2019. We can also offer this in the form of a Christmas Gift Voucher for a loved one. What better gift that the gift of confidence this Christmas!?


Book your teeth whitening treatment with us today. Simply contact our friendly reception team, who can arrange this for you. We look forward to welcoming you.