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This advanced tooth bonding technique preserves natural tooth tissue and provides an affordable dental treatment that uses clear formers or matrices that are filled with heated composite material and matched to the shade of your teeth. This creates strong lasting and beautiful composite restorations for your anterior teeth without the additional cutting down of the tooth necessary for porcelain restorations.

The Biofilm (a layer of bacteria on the surface of all teeth) is removed by air abrasion prior to the placement of the composite. The clear matrix sits just below the gum line so that the teeth appear to emerge naturally. Using this technique your qualified dentist is able to fill black triangles, close gaps and build up uneven teeth.

After the composite material has been injected, the clear matrices are removed and a smooth contoured composite with a beautiful smooth shine is completed. The light contacts achieved with this system mean that the papilla (the gum between the teeth) is gently pushed back into place, creating a healthy and youthful smile.


Fixing Black Triangles Between Teeth

Many people are unhappy with the unsightly dark gaps between their teeth that give the illusion of black triangles. The dental term for this is ‘open gingival embrasures’.

Black triangles are the 3rd most common cosmetic complaint that we receive from patients. They can be caused by bone loss and recession due to gum disease, or movement of teeth either naturally or after orthodontics (braces).

Patients dislike the appearance of the black triangles as they tend to make the teeth look older and unhealthy. The spaces can also accumulate food debris so it is very important that flossing and interdental brushes are used as a part of your dental homecare routine, to clean the triangles and prevent a build-up of plaque.

The Bioclear Matrix system is a brilliant alternative treatment to fill these black triangles as often the gaps can be closed without the need for any tooth removal or preparation.

Diastema Closure

The space that some people have between two teeth is called a diastema.
You may be happy to keep this gap, as it presents no danger to dental health and can give a smile its own unique character, however for those patients that don’t like the space, Bioclear diastema closure is the perfect solution.
This advanced composite restoration option can often close the diastema space without the need for any tooth removal or preparation.

Uneven or Broken Teeth Correction

Sometimes teeth don’t grow to their full capacity and can cause the line of the teeth and smile to be uneven. Other times teeth can chip or break from trauma. The Bioclear method can build the teeth to an ideal shape, so as to create a more pleasing and even smile.

At Lander we are are experienced practitioners in advanced restorative dentistry. Where possible it is always our goal to save as much of the natural tooth as we can, rebuild it and strengthen it to restore your mouth to full health.

We create bespoke ceramic crowns to restore individual teeth, and bridges that are designed to replace several adjacent missing teeth.

A crown is a tooth shaped covering cemented into place over an existing tooth or used to cover a dental implant. A bridge is a means of replacing a missing tooth by crowning the adjacent teeth and suspending a false tooth or pontic (bridge) between them.

There are a number of instances in which you may need an individual crown. A crown functions as (attractive looking) armour to protect an already weak tooth from decay or fracture. It can restore a tooth that has been severely worn down and completely cover and hold in place a tooth with a large filling where there isn’t a lot of natural tooth left. Ceramic crowns are also often used for cosmetic reasons to cover misshapen or severely discoloured teeth.

We are able to produce our crowns in-house from dental porcelain using the CEREC™ machine – one of the most advanced machines available in dentistry. This state-of-the-art equipment enables us to take high resolution 3D digital images of your teeth and design a crown that will perfectly fit with your existing teeth in terms of its shape, colour and natural finish. Gone are the days of making impressions and waiting on external laboratories. Using the CEREC™ machine our clinicians are able to design and sculpt the new tooth while you wait and fit it in the same appointment, so you can walk out the same day with a completely rejuvenated and healthy smile.

For the more challenging cases we are able to produce top quality crown and bridgework with the help of our dental laboratories. We work with expert ceramists who are now able to produce beautifully natural looking ceramic restorations.