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Regular Examinations and Hygiene

We ask all of our patients to attend regular healthy mouth review appointments at the practice and most of our patients will also have an appointment with the hygienist during the same visit.

Ideally this should be once every six months but if that is not possible at least once a year. These appointments play a vital role in helping us identify potential problems with your teeth and gums at the earliest possible stage and are essential for maintaining a beautiful healthy smile.

Because we believe that getting to know you helps us get it right every time, Lander offers a free initial consultation to new patients. This includes a visual examination and is a chance for you to meet our clinicians and talk about your dental history as well as your dental hopes and needs.

Whether you are looking for dental implants, cosmetic or orthodontic treatment, good oral hygiene provides the foundation for the success of our dentistry and you will need to undergo our full oral hygiene review before we can lay out a treatment plan to suit you.

The general healthy mouth review will include a visual examination, charting (detailed analysis of the health of each tooth), periodontal probing to assess any gum disease and oral cancer screening.

During this regular review, your clinician will also discuss with you any treatment recommendations. Lander offers a full range of treatment and cosmetic options. Each set of teeth is unique and needs an individually tailored approach to achieve the perfect, healthy smile.

Our hygienists will professionally clean your teeth, removing plaque and tartar from above and below the gum margin and provide preventive care advice.