Lander Dental & Implant Clinic fees

We are dedicated to providing open and honest dental care with transparent pricing. Our latest dental fees published below. 

Complex treatments can vary from patient to patient, depending on the complexity of the individual case, and the materials used to achieve the required aesthetic result. Complex treatments are therefore listed as "From" to provide a guide.
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We will ensure you are always given a written estimate before you leave following your visit to one of our clinicians. Once your initial consultation is complete we will invite you to join one of our Lander membership plans. 

We offer free consultations for dental implants and denture treatments, to conduct an initial assessment and discuss your individual requirements.

We also offer exciting Lander membership plans which spread the cost of your routine dental maintenance and give a range of additional benefits. Membership starts from as little as £14.49 for adults and £9.92 for children.

Treatment prices for members are listed below in brackets.



New patient consultation£70
Healthy mouth review audit£70 (included)
Healthy mouth review child (under 5yrs)Free with a registered patient
Healthy mouth review (5-18 years)£48 (included)
OPG£50 (included)
Study models£65 (£65)
Small radiographs£18 (included)
CT Scan- per dental arch£125 (£125)

Emergency Appointments

Dental Emergency£75 (included)
Recement crown£65 (included)
Out of normal hours callout£160 (included)


Standard extraction£205 (£175)
Complex Extraction£350 (£300)


Partial valplast£850 (£700)
Partial acrylic (advanced)From £750 (From £670)
Partial acrylic (temporary)from £375 (From £325)
Partial Chromefrom £1750 (From £1500)
Full acrylic standardfrom £1650 (n/a)
Full acrylic premiumfrom £2100 (n/a)


Type 1. simple£125 (£105)
Type 2. advanced£225 (£185)
Type 3. complex£255 (£215)

Cerec Teeth in a day

Cerec ceramic crown£725 (£655)
Cerec ceramic veneer£725 (£655)
Cerec Inlaysfrom £525 (from £465)

Lab made crowns and veneers

porcelain bonded crown£795 (£695)
Premium all porcelain crown£850 (£750)
Veneer single£850 (£750)
Gold Crown£850 (£750)


Three tooth bridge (Porcelain/Zirconia)£2500 (£2250)
Three tooth bridge (Bonded porcelain)£2250 (£2000)
Soft tissue laserfrom £55 (from £55)
Home teeth whitening£350 (£275)

Hygiene Suite

Smileshine treatment£60 (£50)
Refresh maintenance£85 (£70)
Orthoclean£85 (£70)
Implant hygiene treatment£85 (£70)
periodontal treatment per hour£180 (£140)

Dental Implants

Single Implant (fully restored with abutment and crown)from £2500 (from £2500)
Two implants supporting a three tooth bridge (fully restored)from £6,850 (from £6850)
Four or more implants to restore entire dental archby individual quotation
All-on-fourby individual quotation
2 implant locator retained lower chrome overdenturefrom £4,500 (from £4500)
4 implant locator retained upper or lower chrome overdenturefrom £7,500 (from £7500)
Guided Bone Regeneration with BioOss and BioGidefrom £450 (from £450)
Sinus Lift Procedure with Bone Augmentationfrom £1,500 (from £1500)

Orthodontic treatments

Removable Clear Retainer (per arch)£90 (£90)
Fixed bonded retainer (per arch)£175 (£175)


Invisalign Full (complex, more than 24 aligners)£4,495 (£4,495)
Invisalign Full (moderate, up to 24 aligners)£4,195 (£4,195)
Invisalign Lite (minor crowding up to 14 aligners)£3,195 (£3,195)
Invisalign i7 (minor crowding up to 7 aligners)£2,495 (£2,495)
Invisalign Teen (full)£4,195 £4,195)
Vivera Retainers (three sets)£350 (£350)