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Periodontal Hygiene

Periodontal disease is a serious chronic on-going gum infection that is the biggest cause of tooth loss in over-40s. It is the advanced stage of gum disease where sufficient amounts of the bacterial biofilm known as plaque accumulate at the spot where teeth come through the gums, to irreversibly damage the gum and bone that support the teeth.

As the tissue starts to break down, pockets form between tooth and gum, which allow more plaque to collect. This then becomes known as chronic periodontitis and has been linked to increased inflammation in the body, which may lead to increased risk of stroke and heart disease.

The first stage in periodontal treatment is a non-surgical cleaning of the pockets below the gum line. In deeper areas a treatment called root planing or deep scaling is used which cleans deep pockets and removes plaque and tartar from the tooth roots. This procedure may require local anaesthetic and several visits to the practice.

New Swiss perio flow technology recently available at Lander has meant that a more gentle way of cleaning deep pockets is now possible and root planing under local anaesthesia is no longer always necessary.

Pocket depths greater than 5-6mm that remain after initial therapy indicate continued active disease and will likely lead to further bone loss. This is especially true in molar tooth sites where areas between the roots have been exposed. Where non-surgical therapy is unsuccessful, periodontal surgery may be needed to stop progressive bone loss and regenerate bone where possible.

Patients with active periodontal disease will have been made aware of their condition by their dentist. Screening procedures are performed by our dentists at all Oral health review appointments and measurements taken. These measurements are an indication of periodontal disease and allow us to accurately assess the number of hygiene visits likely to be required to return the patient to a maintenance regime.

Periodontal Treatment (H30)

A treatment for inflamed gums and maintenance of previous periodontal issues, we assess the amount of inflammation, reveal the bacteria causing it and use a combination of techniques to achieve resolution. With our hygienist’s helpful tips, comprehensive ultrasonic cleaning and a re-assessment of your techniques at home we can reverse inflammation and leave you with a healthy mouth for the future.

You may require several additional visits to establish improvement in your plaque and inflammation levels. Once we’ve mastered your best approach to gum care daily and improved your gum health we will advise a return to regular maintenance appointments with the hygienist at 3 or 6 monthly intervals.

Periodontal Treatment (H60) (H30)

This course of treatment is for new patients with evidence of untreated active periodontal disease and/or bad breath.
A thorough assessment of your gum health, inflammation, bacteria (biofilm) levels and discussion of the causes of gum disease. Comprehensive measurements of plaque, bleeding and pocket depths to allow us to accurately monitor your improvement. Advice and instruction in how to achieve consistently high standards of oral hygiene, adjustments may be suggested to your daily cleaning, in some cases new products recommended, dietary advice and if necessary smoking cessation advice. Successfully achieving high levels of daily plaque control means treatment has a higher chance of success.

Ultrasonic perioflow Swiss technology and hand instruments are used to very gently disrupt and remove bacterial biofilm (plaque) including deposits of calculus (calcified biofilm).

Significant improvements can be expected within three months. Over a nine month period we hope to achieve resolution and stabilisation of your gum disease with your cooperation, you will be able to see this visually on our computerised assessments, and hopefully feel the difference too. Number of appointments required vary this will be discussed during initial assessment we hope to finally be able to offer refresh maintenance appointments on a 3 to 6 monthly basis when resolution is achieved and give you healthy gums for the foreseeable future.

Patients with periodontal disease will have been encouraged to address their problem by their dental clinician who will advise a course of treatment with the hygienist. This treatment will require multiple visits over the course of a year dependant on the severity of the disease plus a review visit three months after active treatment.

Treatment involves comprehensive measurements at the start of treatment to allow us to monitor your improvement followed by us showing you how to achieve consistently excellent levels of oral hygiene using a range of different brushes and techniques. Coupled with this we will clean your teeth above and below the gum margin to ensure that we remove all remnants of the infected deposits that stick to your teeth. In general we are able to clean your teeth without the use of local anaesthetic but for those patients who find it a little sensitive we can numb the mouth up to make it more comfortable. Some patients may need adjunctive antibiotic therapy and for more advanced cases we may recommend gum surgery and bone regeneration.

Once your condition has been stabilised you will be encouraged to see the hygienist for a three or six-monthly maintenance programme of Supercleans.