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Dental implants

Dental implants are a dentistry revolution that have hugely transformed the lives of people with missing teeth. This incredible technique allows you all the look and comfort of real teeth, meaning that you can eat anything, talk and laugh without worrying, and feel confident socially and at work.

Lander has a dedicated implant centre and our resident implantologist Nick Coley as an experienced clinician, having been placing implants here for more than 15 years. Nick has received extensive training at the Eastman Dental Hospital, Royal College of Surgeons and abroad. He is a member of the Association of Dental Implantology and International Team for Implantology (ITI).

Implants are tiny titanium screws that replace the root of a tooth beneath the gum line. The titanium screw in inserted into the jaw and, after a few months, it fuses to the adjacent bone. Capped with beautifully crafted ceramic crowns or bridges, dental implants provide a long lasting and natural looking solution to missing teeth. You will be delighted to rediscover the appearance, strength and functionality associated with natural teeth.

To ensure accurate and safe implant planning, long term durability and comfort, Lander has recently invested in the Gendex DP700. This is the latest generation Cone Beam CT scanner. It provides highly accurate 3D imaging of the jaw, with significantly lower radiation doses than conventional scanners.

Once the implants have fused with the bone our clinicians may then be able to use the revolutionary CEREC™ machine to design and sculpt beautiful crowns in dental porcelain. The CEREC™ is one of the most advanced machines available in dentistry which enables us to take high resolution 3D digital images of your teeth, design a crown and sculpt the perfect tooth all in the surgery during your appointment. The CEREC™ means we no longer have to spend time taking impressions to send to the dental laboratory, and we can design your replacement teeth to perfectly fit with your existing teeth in terms of shape, colour and natural finish.

The CEREC™ is unsuitable for the more complex multiple tooth cases. In these instances, we produce top quality implant crown and bridgework with the help of our dental laboratories. We work with expert ceramists who are now able to produce beautifully natural ceramic restorations.

“I want to smile at my patients on the street, and they smile back and I know they’re grateful for what I’ve provided”
Nick Coley, Implant Dentist

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